A Day in the Life at The Terrace on Main

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Wake up feeling rested and hop on the elevator down to the gym for a quick workout (I suppose you could take the stairs... but it's early morning so no judgement).

Morning Coffee on the rooftop Terrace.

Shower and get ready in your over-sized bathroom with double vanity (in case you have to share). Toss your towel in the dryer while you're in there to warm it up... after all it's just two steps away and there are few things better than a warm towel. 

Take your time coordinating your outfit in the large, walk in closet. You've got plenty of time since you didn't have to drive to the gym.

Off to work...  Drive 3 minutes to Main Street for a quick bite on the way. Coffee number 2? Check. You're not limited on options... Simon Says, Felicias, Main Street Coffee, The Nook, Jiggers, Dante's, Raw Bobs, and Raise the bar are all just minutes away. 

Time to Grind.  Relax; you're way ahead of schedule and the highway is just a few minutes away. It's going to be a great day. 

You Just got an alert on your phone - the dog walker has arrived at Terrace to let Charlie out: Just tap the button on your app to grant entrance and the pup is good to go. 

Stop at Dave's on your way home to pick up everything you need to make dinner - Don't feel like cooking? Their prepared section has so many good options or make a quick stop at Tio Mateos if you're feeling the Fuego tonight. 

Getting home - there's plenty of parking and you can be rest assured that your place is safe and secure. 

A couple of neighbors are around the rooftop fire pit sharing a beer and a laugh - sounds perfect! Tough day? Maybe a vodka martini to enjoy on your private balcony instead. Add 2 ounces vodka, a birds beak of vermouth, and just a splash of olive juice. Shake like you mean it and garnish with a couple of olives. Watch the sunset making sure to take a photo of the reflection off of the tiny ice shards which float atop your martini. Up the contrast and saturation and adjust shadows as necessary. Post to instagram with clever caption. 

Cook up some dinner in your open kitchen. Obviously jam out in the process... the layers of sound attenuation will keep the music within the walls. The stove hoods are designed to vent directly outside so crank the gas cook top until the oil in the Cast-iron is just about smoking. Make sure to let the steak sit for a few minutes before cutting (always against the grain)... Watch impatiently before devouring.

Time for a night cap. After all, you deserve it - look at all that you've done today!

Where to?!? Hmm... you've got options. Kai Bar, Tuscana, Besos, Fresco, Mckinleys, Blu, Harborside, Red Stripe, Roccos, Raku, Rasa, Kon, Cigar Bar... The list seems to get longer every month.

Call an Uber - after all it's only a few bucks and you would have spent it on valet anyway. Your driver is 10 minutes away - just enough time to take a quick seat in your office and shoot out a few extra emails to make life easier tomorrow.

Start on Main and hop your way down to the waterfront; Live music tonight.

Head home, Sleep Well. Be Happy. Repeat.

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Ian Iannuccilli